Caribbean Dancers Marching in the Parade

Parade Program

Current as of: Jul 3, 2019.


Assembly is at 9:00 a.m. along Carroll Avenue. See Parade Assembly Map for more on this. The parade will start at 10:00 a.m. from the intersection of Carroll and Ethan Allen Avenues, travel South on Carroll Avenue, turn right on Maple Avenue and continue to Ritchie Avenue where the parade will disband. Parade units will be judged throughout the line of march rather than at the reviewing stand.


Gene Herman & David Cohen


Director - Chief James E. Jarboe, TPVFD

Reviewing Stand

Takoma Park Community Band


Directors - Julius Kassovic, Andy Saindon, and Jessica Snowden, and Mark Vershell
  1. Police Escort
  2. Takoma Park Police Department Color Guard
  3. Grand Marshals
  4. Chief Antonio DeVaul, Takoma Park Police Department
  5. Chief Jim Jarboe, Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department
  6. EMS Lieutenant Jorge Alfaro, Takoma Park Volunteer Fire
  7. Detective Corporal Victor Glouchkov, Takoma Park Police Officer of the Year 2018
  8. Hon. Lorig Charkoudian, Maryland State Delegate
  9. Hon. David Moon, Maryland State Delegate
  10. Hon. Will Jawando, Montgomery County Council (At-Large)
  11. Hon. Hans Riemer, Montgomery County Council (At-Large)
  12. Dr. Weymouth Spence, President, Washington Adventist University
  13. Mr. Robert Jepson, Vice President, Business Development, Washington Adventist Hospital
  14. Takoma Park City Council
  15. Hon. Peter Kovar, Ward 1
  16. Hon. Cindy Dyballa, Ward 2
  17. Hon. Kacy Kostiuk, Ward 3
  18. Hon. Terry Seamens, Ward 4
  19. Hon. Jarrett Smith, Ward 5
  20. Hon. Talisha Searcy, Ward 6
  21. Mr. Pat Loveless, Takoma Park Peace Delegate
  22. Principal Renay Johnson, Montgomery Blair High School
  23. TPIDC Roscoe Float — our thanks to our major contributors
  24. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 641 Silver Spring MD
  25. The MacMillan Pipe Band
  26. Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Dept & Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service personnel assigned to Station #2


Directors – Jared Garelick and Julie Steinberg
  1. Kids Bike Decorate and Ride
  2. Freemasons of the Takoma Masonic Center
  3. One Leg Up Pets
  4. The Silver Spring Yacht Club
  5. Wells Warrior Youth Hockey Association
  6. Caporales Ruphay
  7. Daleview Swim Club
  8. Girl Scouts Service Unit 34-8
  9. Takoma Children’s School
  10. Boy Scouts of America Troop 33 and Cub Scouts Pack 33


Director – Julie Finegan
  1. Long Branch Water Wizards Swim Team
  2. Baltimore Twilighters Marching Band
  3. Jamie Raskin for Congress
  4. Brian Frosh, Maryland State Attorney General
  5. Takoma Park Child Development Center
  6. Greenbelt Dog Training Marching Drill Team
  7. EF International Language Center
  8. WOMEN
  9. Mom’s Clean Air Force
  10. Miss Maryland United States


Director - Marianne Comfort and Ted Conwell
  1. Washington Revels
  2. Rodians
  3. Northwest Branch Dolphins
  4. MoCo East Mini S’MORES
  5. Metropolitan Metrolite Pathfinder Club
  6. Uncle Sam’s Sidecar
  7. Panquility Steel Band
  8. Takoma Park Department of Public Works
  9. Hon. Marc Elrich, Montgomery County Executive
  10. The Takoma Park SDA Children’s Choir


Director – Chris Zeilinger
  1. Reel Mower Precision Drill Team
  2. Modern American Miss Queens
  3. Takoma Horticultural Club
  4. Will Smith for Maryland
  5. Image Band
  6. The Litas Washington DC
  7. Takoma Park Lesbians and Gays (TPLAG)
  8. WOWD/Takoma Radio
  9. Mad Dog Pac


Directors - Bridget Egan
  1. Vanadu
  2. The Morning Few Band
  3. TPSS Co-op
  4. Takoma Park Folk Festival
  5. Mecca Temple No. 10
  6. Miss DMV Royalty
  7. Takoma Park’s Kinetic Kommunity
  8. Hon. Tom Hucker, Montgomery County Council (District 5)


Director - Ed Koren and Stephanie Nolan
  1. Motor Driven Band
  2. Anwar Temple #219
  3. The Takoma Foundation
  4. DMV Queens Reign
  5. The ORACLE of Takoma Park
  6. Hon. Evan Glass, Montgomery County Council (At-Large)
  7. Montgomery County Green Party
  8. Cislin Duncan Foundation
  9. Takoma Park Lions Club Mascot
  10. Thatʼs All Folks - Gene Herman & David Cohen, Parade Directors


A panel of residents, business owners, and others affiliated with Takoma Park.


Takoma Park Independence Day Committee extends its gratitude and appreciation to all those who have contributed their time and efforts to make this Independence Day Celebration possible:

  • Takoma Park Mayor & Council, Police Department, Public Works Department, City Clerkʼs Office, Administration Offices, Treasurerʼs Office and Recreation Department
  • Washington, D. C. Police Department
  • The Montgomery County Police Department
  • Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department
  • Takoma Park Cable TV
  • Takoma Radio
  • Takoma Park Community Band
  • Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Our door-to-door financial support solicitors and volunteers
  • Our many parade participants
  • Kathie Mack (door-to-door collections in PEN area)
  • Franklin Apartments
  • Mar Thoma Church of Greater Washington
  • The professional people, business establishments, churches, schools, local organizations, and countless area residents for their financial support.


  • Roger Coleman, 1966 Chevy Corvette
  • Richard Ehrmann
  • Mr. Anthony Fotos, 1946 Lincoln Continental, 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, 1956 Buick, 1936 Boattail Speedster, Jaguar
  • Gerald Kaiz, 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible
  • Erwin Mack, 1909 Ford Model T Touring Car
  • The Potomac Classic Thunderbird Club, Classic Chevrolet El Camino
  • Mr. Lynn E. Rumble, 1977 Chevy Nova Concourse
  • Mr. Milford Sprecher, 1928 Ford Model A Roadster
  • Everett & Tammy Thomas